Nick Parsons, Water Ski Magazine, March 2012
Jaret Llewellyn, Water Ski Magazine, July 2000
Neon Green
Neon Yellow/Chartreuse
Neon Blue
Dark Grey
Neon Pink
Handles 2014
Tournament Team Spectra Handle
Anti-Roll System (ARS) Tournament Team Handle
IN TOW also has the hard to find Double Bend Handle in a 13" length (.930) (1.00) (1.03) (1.06) diameters and the Performer Handle with a golf grip, round back and slightly elliptical front.
Price: $95
Price: $100
Jump Handles
Shipping is $14 per 12" x 12" x 8" Priority Mail Box
Slalom Handles
Cross Bar
Handle diameter is written on one sleeve
& skier name is written on the other sleeve
Or call Brenda at (575) 527-2917 Monday - Friday
1/4" ID x 3/8" OD rigid Lexan clear tube