There are two places where one rope is fidded back into the other, right past the V and right past the end loop. You can work from either one of these places, but start with the end loop.
Pry the inside rope out with either a screwdriver, pen, nail, etc. A screwdriver is being used in this picture. First seperate the outside rope with your hand to open up a spot to put your screwdriver in. Then carefully work the screwdriver in and pry out the tip of the inside rope.
While holding the tip of the inside rope with one hand, slide the outside rope up with the other hand.
Slide your hand over the outside rope which then causes the inside rope to get sucked back in.
Continue sliding your hand down the outside rope until the tip of the inside rope disappears.
If you need to shorten your handle length then place an object like rope, a stick, or any other item you can get inside of the rope. This causes the length of the handle to shrink up. Here's an
old article I found that gives some helpful tips.
Then cut one inch off of the inside rope. Cut just one inch at a time.
You will want to cut off just one inch at a time in order to fine tune the length of your handle. Eliminating the double thickness of rope will lengthen your handle. AWSA rules state to leave a minimum of 6 inches of the rope that is fidded back into the outside rope. There is approximately 9 inches fidded back in on the loop end when the handle is first made. The handle is shipped to you 1 1/2 inches short of the actual length of 4' 11". The spectra rope stretches at first and then will not stretch anymore. For most short line skiers, the spectra rope will stretch out to the proper length. If it does not stretch out for you then get one of your larger ski buddies to lean on it for you by placing the loop of the handle onto the pylon of the boat. Once this is done then you can fine tune the length of your handle using the above procedure.